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  1. The prehistoric fountain of Kermore is located in the Morbihan
  2. Overview : The fountain of Kermore
  3. The prehistoric well of Kermore
  4. The mysterious Menhir of Kermore
  5. Is the stone heart of Kermore of Celtic origin?
  6. Band ceramics at the Fountain of Kermore
  7. Tools from Silex at the Fountain of Kermore
  8. Engravings and bowl stones at the well of Kermore and in the immediate vicinity
  9. There are several megaliths within 100 meters of the Kermore Fountain
  10. Megalithic structures around Kermore (1 - 5 km distance)
  11. The four fountains of Kermore
  12. The Fountain of Kermore over the millennia
  13. Position of the fountain of Kermore - map
  14. FAQ - Questions to the Well of Kermore
  15. Literature
  16. So artists see the fountain of Kermore
  17. the oak of Kermore, 400 years old, oak of Kermroe , Séglien, Morbihan, Brittany
  18. International painting and drawing competition 2020
  19. The historic site of Kermore has been divided into 4 sections for clarity:
  20. The stone age mysteries of the Kermore megaliths and engravings
  21. The springs or fountains of Kermore are space-time art plus energy.