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  2. Kate Downey,
  3. Rebecca Griffiths,
  4. Brenda Hayes,
  5. David Proffitt
  6. Ann Harrison-Ray, Artist
  7. Johnny Langton-Lockton
  8. Huelgoat concours - 1st prize for amateurs watercolour section
  9. Advertising and Art in the Internet
  10. chipyclip, clips in the internet, A brave little dog gets rescued from the water.
  11. André Evano did not let to see the works in which he spend all his emotions.
  12. more than 1000 visitors in one hour
  13. Artists should be characterized by sensitivity and mutual understanding and not by a high level of intrigue!
  14. I am only a Hobbypainter, or a real artist?
  15. Questions about art Modern art requires interpretation. Is that correct ? What is modern art?
  16. Exhibitions, flea markets and other disasters, I laugh at myself! Environmental pollution !
  17. Earn money with art, earn money with pictures, make money with sculptures, make money with exhibitions
  18. which titles are most in demand? What pictures, what titles?
  19. Make money with the publication of pictures
  20. Outsider style, kind brut, autodidactic art
  21. Painter competitions, support for artists and clubs, future projects and developments I still get inquiries about the contests: you organize a painting competition in 2017? Or 2018? Unfortunately, no
  22. For various art projects in the area of ​​Pontivy - le Faouet we are looking for people who want to actively participate in it.
  23. information: Steam Punk - picnic - Pontivy 2018 , clip sur youtube
  24. Entry at Wikipedia: a gauntlet!
  25. Park of Inspiration, Park of Good Thoughts, Park of Kermore
  26. Three-legged dog, sad Christmas for Leica, Amputation of a leg due to cancer, brave dog overcomes his sad destiny.
  27. Manfred La-fontaine, Pontivy
  28. Where is my mother ?
  29. Find All About Mikasa Ackerman