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  1. Gallic acid, a major component of Toona sinensis leaf extracts, contains an ROS-mediated anti-cancer activity in the human prostate.
  2. Abstract from the leaves of Toona sinensis Roemor exerts a strong antiproliferative effect on human lung cancer cells from
  3. How do I improve the quality of life? A long life is not interesting when I am sick or poor,
  4. Free radicals are the cause or at least are involved in the following diseases:
  5. Longer life through hunger? The actual best means of life prolongation is supposed to be starving, but is this meaningful? Fasting seems to be meaningful 30.06.2017, 13:38 Longer life through hunge
  6. Avoid cardiovascular diseases with omega-3 fatty acids? Is this really true, or is there only the fish consumption beautifully talked?
  7. Sleeping to prolong life
  8. Source of eternal youth, desire or reality?
  9. Shortened life by endocrine disrupters
  10. Herbal active ingredients for life prolongation, why do these plants have a life-prolonging effect?
  11. Modafinil is a drug that improves intelligence, it increases your cognitive function in different ways. What is Modafinil?
  12. the gambling with the drugs, a thousand different answers on the Internet, what is correct?
  13. Tinnitus and cervical spine syndrome, whiplash and tinnitus,
  14. we are beaten by the psychologist , mistakes in the treatment,
  15. Gardening keeps you healthy for a variety of reasons
  16. Treatment of cancer, prevention of cancer, alternative remedies, plant preparations, effect of antioxidants
  17. Cancer prevention or cure? Murdannia (murdannia loriformis) thai herb
  18. Fo Tieng (black-haired gentleman, Fo-Ti, He Shou Wu, multi-flowered knotweed, polygonum multiflorum,
  19. Jiagulan effects, scientific finding on gynostemma pentaphyllum, benefits, effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum
  20. Anti aging - Sambung Nyawa, "Leaf of Life" - The Leaf of Life.
  21. Brahmi Ayurvedic medicinal plant
  22. Antiaging plant Gotu Kola
  23. Adaptogens, superadaptogens, jiaogulans - the herb of the "centenarians".
  24. Liver value Trigliceride, increased risk of arteriosclerosis, tinnitus?
  25. Murdannia loriformis - concomitant therapy for cancer (oncology accompanying therapy)
  26. Vegetable tree, toona sinensis
  27. real tea plant - tea plant - camellia sinensis
  28. mushrooms, burdened with nicotine
  29. Quinces are also medicinal plants
  30. Comparison of semaglutide and methformin
  31. Murdannia loriformis - Murdannia phamacological effects, concomitant with cancer?
  32. Khaki, health-promoting ingredients
  33. Nasturtium - Medical use
  34. The free radical theory , aging by free radicals
  35. Jiagulan - scientific knowledge about gynostemma pentaphyllum
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  37. Fo tieng Polygonum multiflorum
  38. Difference between artritis and osteoarthritis
  39. Gabrilen, Ketoprofen, Voltaren, Diclofenac, Metacam, Meloxicam, Robenacoxib, Onsior,
  40. extract of the Cistus incisus Cistus plant
  41. Antioxidants for mental health problems, Antioxidants for depression, Antioxidants for degenerative brain disorders
  42. Chinese lung disease arrived in France. Quick check option at airports probably ineffective, posters against the pandemic ?
  43. Medicinal plants, vegetables and spices with high antioxidant content,
  44. Covid-19, does favipiravir help against coronavirus? Pandemic or just epidemic ? Asia and Africa are particularly at risk, but it can also affect us in Europe.
  45. TMC against corona virus, traditional Chinese medicine helps against corona virus ?
  46. Why are there more corona deaths in France than in Germany ?