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02.11.2011, 18:33
Ann Harrison-Ray

http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_ann.htm (http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_ann.htm)

Ann Harrison-Ray has had for all of her life, a passion for drawing and painting, but never the time to follow her life-long ambitions to paint and develop her talent until recently. Happily, now she has moved to western Brittany with her husband to retire, her new life in the French country-side has provided the opportunity and also the inspiration. The paintings displayed here in this gallery represent much of her oil, watercolour and pastel work, some of which have sold to admirers.

In November 2006, Ann's painting 'Blackwater Barge' won first prize in the Glenmor regional art competition (see inset above). Many of her paintings are thoughtful studies of picturesque landscapes while others portray calm still life subjects.

Other paintings painted by Ann Harrison Ray will appear on this website so it is always worth checking back from time to time to see the latest additions.


http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_an9.JPG (http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_ann.htm)

http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_an12.JPG (http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_ann.htm)

http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_an3.JPG (http://la-fontaine.tv/ray_ann.htm)