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21.06.2014, 14:50
Advertising and Art in the Internet

Some websites and forums with pictures of artists include publicity. The *** question is, does the webmaster make money with this websites and forums ?
Some artists have the fear, that their pictures could be used to earn money in the internet. Dear friends, this webmasters don't receive less money then necessary to run the website or the forum. And, they don't get paid for their work !
Websites like www-la-fontaine.tv run, because the owner spend more than 600 Euros per year for it. If you are in daubt about that, just write a short e-mail. Your part would be deleted immediately.
But why give some people the information to the public, that there is money to earn with **** of artists on websites ? First of all, some people still think the earth is a disk. And others a are jealous of the success of other people. Decide on your own...