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Manfred La-Fontaine
16.02.2019, 17:56
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Band ceramics at the Fountain of Kermore

One of the most exciting questions in connection with the well of Kermore is: Can this fragment be associated with the so-called band ceramics.

The fragment is 5 x 4 cm in size and 8 mm thick on average. The fracture surfaces have a 2-3 mm wide, dark discoloration in the middle. Due to the curvature can be closed on a bowl with a diameter of 30 cm.
The fragment can probably be attributed to the so-called band ceramics, resulting in an approximate age of 7,000 years. 6.) band ceramics

A brief overview of the eventful history results from the potsherds found at the main well and its course. Over the millennia probably went a few clay jugs and bowls to break. Most of the fragments come mainly from very simple "coarse" ceramics.
Some fragments, however, are very thin. The original vessels were therefore not suitable for everyday use, but rather sacrificial vessels.