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Manfred La-Fontaine
16.02.2019, 17:59
There are several megaliths within 100 meters of the Kermore Fountain

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A group of stone blocks is located 80 meters south-east of the well. Two of the megaliths have deep grooves that prevent ropes from slipping off during transport. This device was already known in the Stone Age. The stones were apparently transported to this place to erect them there or to create a megalithic plant.

Even these megaliths were not spared Christian zeal. At least two of the large blocks of stone were blown up. On the fragments, the necessary drill holes are clearly visible.

The "pagan buildings" were not only blown up, but the fragments were probably additionally "distributed" by means of a team of oxen. Even now, after the destruction, the massive stone blocks are impressive.

Rope grooves for transporting the massive stone blocks
Another megalith is located in the courtyard of Kermore. He is 2 m high and 8 t heavy. Until 1998, it was in a horizontal position and almost completely covered with soil. He has no engraving or other traces of editing, but impressed by its regular shape.

In the yard of the mill of Kermore there is also a menhir. He is also about 2 m high. Behind the mill you can imagine the path between the mill and the well of Kermore, which was used previously. The name Kermo'ch was also used for the mill, meaning "house on the boar trail".