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Manfred La-Fontaine
16.02.2019, 18:01
The four fountains of Kermore

This text has been machine translated and has not been corrected

The name of the "Fountain of Kermore" is not exactly exact. In fact, the water is currently flowing from four wells. The strongest water flow is probably the oldest well to observe. The inflow basin consists of two massive stone blocks and several smaller blocks of stone forming a circular basin.
Right next to it is a basin, which is enclosed with massive granite stones. Above this basin is a stone pyramid with a rectangular recess in which the statue of St. Anna is located.
To the east, about 10 meters from the main well, there is a massive boulder under which the water also collects. In front of the rock several large blocks of stone are nested into each other so that they form 3 basins.
About 20 meters away, in a northwesterly direction, is a well that was dug only a few years ago. This fountain is ring-shaped surrounded by smaller stones.
It could be observed that the main source supplies fresh water even in extremely dry years. Likewise, the ponds in front of the large boulder do not dry out.
The pottery shards were found only in the drainage area of ​​the main well. It can be assumed that even millennia ago mainly this well was in use.
One of the unanswered questions refers to the "basins" in front of the main block. Since the water flow of the wells has changed over the millennia, it is not certain that the "basins" were formerly used to store the water.