Painting and Drawing Competition Kermore 2009

1st of September to 25th of October

The Spring of Kermore as the source of inspiration!
Give f.r.e.e. rein to your creativity and take part in the Kermore Painting and Drawing Competition 2009. There is absolutely nothing to lose! There are cash prizes for the first three winners and silver coins warded for the 4th to 7th places. Everyone who takes part will receive a certificate and the artworks submitted will be shown on the La-Fontaine.TV website.
Take your inspiration from the spring of Kermore and convert this to imaginative imagery. Maybe in your imagination you see a Roman who sacrifices a few sesterces to the Gallo-Roman Goddess Sirona, or maybe you see Stone Age man struggling at risk of his life to position megalith blocks weighing tons around the spring? Or maybe you see a Breton peasant holding his sick child in his arms who circles these stones three times in order to transfer the natural energy of this place to his child; the spring offers you very many fascinating motifs. How about a gathering of Druids at the spring or perhaps the Spring of Kermore is surrounded in the mystic mists of space and time, when fairies and magicians evoke the power of the water and little korrigans happily run riot amongst the rocks. Just put your impression on paper and create the mood. You can only win.

The First Prize is 500 Euro, the Second Prize 300 Euro and the Third Prize 200 Euro.
The 4th to 7th Prizewinners will each receive a silver coin.
Photos of all the submitted artworks will be seen on the website La-Fontaine.TV. On request, the name and address of the artist can be printed alongside the picture.
Everyone who takes part receives a certificate.

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