Exhibitions, flea markets and other disasters, I laugh at myself! Environmental pollution !

so I do not know exactly what is going on here, but questioned is the whole exhibition, flea markets and the whole stuff. I like to go to exhibitions and flea markets. But, what is going on? !!! Bought there practically nothing! I have seen a giant exhibition, over 100 people. This went on for 2 weeks. Result, 2 sold pictures. These were not even the gasoline cost.
The exhibitions make a bunch of art, people curving in the area rum udn the environment and nix goes.

What is the whole nonsense? Have you ever been to a flea market in the last time? Pictures, giant ham, for 20 euros. If you buy firewood, this is more expensive, than if you confuse the frames of the pictures. That's how it looks.
Yes, at the *** auctions still pictures go for millions. But what about the hobbyists or the ones who just get so close? The stove is off. So, leave the chat, and go to the garden. Build potatoes. This feeds you. So, I hope times, that here is not immediately deleted, the artists are so sensitive and do not want to realize the reality.