Painter competitions, support for artists and clubs, future projects and developments
I still get inquiries about the contests: you organize a painting competition in 2017? Or 2018?
Unfortunately, no.

The competitions in 2009, 2010 and 2011 were very successful. In the following years different artists and associations were supported by me. There was a collection of works by Breton artists that gave me great pleasure. Unfortunately, the deal with some "art-builders" was less pleasant and the club work was partly frustrating.

In 2016 I fell ill with a melanoma. Fortunately, the disease had been discovered early. I received a good medical treatment and became healthy again. During this difficult time I had time to think.
Stress aggravates any disease. It was obvious to reduce all leisure activities, which caused unnecessary trouble. I changed my philosophy of life and thus the focus of my interests.
Due to the illness my interest for the activation of the self-healing forces, for new treatment methods and a healthy lifestyle was aroused.

"Quidquid agis, prudent agas et respice finem" Whatever you do, do it wisely and consider the end.
This ancient Roman wisdom is traced back to Aesop's fable (two frogs in the milk pot). In the pseudo-Pythagorean Golden sayings, "Βουλεύου δὲ πρὸ ἔργου, ὅπως μὴ μῶρα πέληται." ("Think before the action, so that nothing foolish is born out of it.")

For me personally, however, the free interpretation makes more sense: live according to the Nature and consider the end.

The work with animals and plants is very relaxing. Walks along the sea or in the beautiful Breton countryside also provide a spiritual balance. With increasing age, it is obvious that the topics "anti - aging" and "optimal application of new therapies and drugs" became very important. If you would like to be informed about these topics, please send me an e-mail . An overview of my activities can be found on my website
It would be an advantage to exchange ideas on these topics.

To realize the dream of a healthy and refreshing evening of life is not easy. Although this dream is dreamed almost all of life, the time is often missed to turn this idea into reality. For me the famous "shot before the bow" was necessary to recognize the importance of health and a sensible lifestyle. Involved in the obligations of everyday life and burdened by few non-sensitive persons, a certain force is needed to achieve the actually self-evident.
The strain on the Internet and the constant availability not only affect the health of older people, the second industrial revolution changes the social life of all people. To use the possibilities of the Internet without causing unnecessary stress was not easy for me either, but by limiting the times before the screen, I could not even get excited by exciting developments.
Social activities, which give meaning to life, also belong to the rational way of life. It is not easy to meet people who deal with reality in a positive way and actually strive for a fulfilled end of life. But ultimately, there is usually also a path where there is also a will.

I wish you all a good health and a long life

Manfred La-Fontaine

(Sorry for mistakes in the translation)