Cancer prevention or cure? Murdannia (murdannia loriformis) thai herb

Helpless, attacked by cancer and abandoned by conventional medicine came the rescue by the miracle plant Murdannia (or any x-arbitrary plant)
What have I not heard all about these miracle drugs. From beet juice, mistletoe, yew, turmeric, goji berries, green tea, etc.
The stories are similar, mostly miracle healing and / or TMC, TTM ...

It is striking that in recent years almost all plants used in any forum for cancer treatment or prophylaxis are also patents or patent specifications. Patenting sometimes only means that someone in scientific language claims a claim to a substance or a process.

But why now suddenly this interest in these plants? Certainly not out of pure cockiness or out of a crazy mood. These patents usually require a lot of research, or are at least labor-intensive and thus cost-intensive.

So let's not shy the plants aside, but check in each case whether a particular product helps us or what the doctor in charge says.

My personal experiences have convinced me that it is worth taking a closer look at the topic. Consequently, I have created a small garden and a miniature greenhouse or bought. I breed in it various medicinal plants from which I then z. B. make tea.
I'm experimenting with Murdannia right now, but that's how I think it's going to be interesting.
Highly recommended is the Chinese vegetable tree and Jiagulan.