The products offered as medical products, tablets, gargle solution and broth - contain an extract of the Cistus incisus Cistus plant.

While brewing is intended for the discharge of accumulated heavy metals and the gargle solution for the treatment of oropharyngeal inflammation, the tablets are intended to prevent and treat bacterial and viral respiratory tract infections.
The "secret behind the effect of CYSTUS" should be in the "high polymer polyphenols". The provider promises that these "bacteria and viruses by attaching nonspecifically physically bind and thereby prevent the penetration of the body cells largely" can.
In the larger open-label study, participants will either take two tablets or gargle six times a day for a maximum of seven days and drink green tea several times a day. Pain, cough intensity and frequency, sputum and runny nose are graded at the beginning and after three to four days using questionnaires with 0 = nonexistent, 2 = slight, 4 = mild, 6 = difficult. Within this time, under CYSTUS, the total of points 12 should fall to 8 and increase below green tea from 12 to 14.