Is the stone heart of Kermore of Celtic origin?

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The "heart shape" has nothing to do with the shape of the human heart. It is rather the abstract representation of the female breast, or the ****ocks. The approx. 30,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf, for example, has corresponding characteristics. 5 :.) Venus of Willendorf

The Stone Age people were familiar with these forms; The heart shape may not have been considered in the current way, ie with the tip down, but vice versa.
Other interpretations assume that the heart shape is stylized fig or ivy leaves.

Due to the position and the clear shape of the stone heart of Kermore can be ruled out with high probability that it is only a "remarkable rock".
If the little menhir, 3 meters away from the stone heart, is granted the forum of a finger-cunt, then an interesting interpretation of the whole arrangement would be possible: the heart stone in the forum of a fig leaf and the menhir in the forum of a fig could be seen as a symbolic representation of love.

The Celts knew the heart shape. The production of heart-shaped salt blocks has been handed down. 2.) Heart-shaped salt blocks