Engravings and bowl stones at the well of Kermore and in the immediate vicinity

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The previously discovered engravings at the well of Kermore are mainly on a stone. This stone was covered with soil until a few years ago. The engravings were thereby protected against weathering and damage. There are two small bowls visible, as well as grooves, an annular and a semicircular groove. There are no interpretations for the engravings for the time being. Further engravings are on the small Menhir. 8.) Stone Age engravings

Cupped or cupped depressions were typical of some section of the Stone Age. Shell or pot stones were dated 50 000 BC. Chr to the Neolithic period 4500 to 1500 BC . Made Chr.

Approximately 50 meters from the well of Kermore is located in the immediate vicinity of the homestead of Kermore a very nice, large stone. Next to it a basin carved out of the stone 1.) Bowl stones