Chinese lung disease arrived in France. Quick check option at airports probably ineffective, posters against the pandemic ?

Wuhan is the centre of the epidemic and at the same time there are many French companies there. For this reason, France was the first European country to detect Chinese lung disease.
The French Minister of Health has been criticised because she seemed to think that airport billboards were sufficient.

Now France has several cases of the highly contagious viral disease.

What is the real danger of lung diseases from China ? The pandemic caused by the corna virus may be due to the circumvention of controls by antipyretic drugs.

As soon as the images of the temperature measurements in the airports were seen, the "antidote" was already spreading in the social media: antipyretic drugs!
What was intended as a quick check is now practically ineffective. Almost everyone has aspirin, paracetamol etc.

Often this is not a bad intention. Many people take these drugs during the flu season.

The harmful consequences are the development of so-called super-wideners / super-spreaders. These are infected people who have no symptoms but who infect other people. This can be due to the natural behaviour of the virus. Or to the taking of medication.

The new coronavirus can apparently not be effectively combated even with normal hygiene measures. Clinical personnel have already been infected several times. One doctor has already died. Over 40 million people are in quarantine. An enormous number. And probably unmanageable conditions.

At this point, standard pandemic measures apply: Avoid crowds. Those who can, stay at home, drink a lot and strengthen the immune system.

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