Covid-19, does favipiravir help against coronavirus? Pandemic or just epidemic ? Asia and Africa are particularly at risk, but it can also affect us in Europe.

Asia and Africa are particularly at risk, but it can also affect us in Europe. There are currently 60 clinics in Germany that are specially equipped for this highly contagious disease. We should not rely too much on our health system. With a real pandemic, especially with a new corona virus Covid-19, this system has never been tested. There could be a nasty surprise. By the way, the prices for protective masks have quintupled!

Does favipiravir help against the corona virus, against Covid-19, ?

Well, supposedly it helps against flu and Ebola and other viral diseases. My experience: Viral diseases are difficult to treat. If an intensive care unit is available, symptoms can be alleviated. Nevertheless the mortality rate is high. Also with Covid-19 . The figures from China can only be believed to a limited extent. In addition, they are constantly changing the way they are counted.

In the event of a pandemic, the sick must stay at home for the most part because the clinics are overcrowded. Without treatment, the mortality rate increases.

The best way to fight the disease is quarantine. But this is not possible for everyone.

Will the epidemic / pandemic level off in summer ?

The example with the flu viruses is often cited. But, will the coronavirus behave in the same way ? It could also be the other way round, we don't know !

Coronavirus and stock market: there are wild speculations, but at the moment the indices are still rising. Again, nobody knows how it will go on. The Chinese are suffering the most at the moment, but that can change quickly !

So quite at the edge .in Wuhan medicines are produced. Unfortunately not at the moment. The containers need 4 weeks to reach us. It could well be that one or the other medicine will soon no longer be available.