International painting and drawing competition 2020

15 June to 15 December 2020

Free registration!

The fountain of Kermore becomes a source of inspiration!
Let yourself be inspired by the Kermore Fountain and use your imagination to turn this inspiration into an illustration.
Whether you see a Roman sacrificing a few sesterces to the Gallo-Roman goddess of the spring, Sirona, or Stone Age men risking their lives to surround the fountain with megaliths weighing tons, or the Breton farmer carrying his sick child in his arms and walking around the stones three times to transfer the energy of the place to his child, the fountain offers many captivating motifs. Gather the druids near the fountain or imagine the Kermore Fountain in a mystical mist of space and atmosphere, where fairies and magicians conjure up the power of water and little crazy Kermorigans play on the rocks.
Translate your impressions into expressive and poetic drawings:
The first prize is 500 euros, the second prize 300 euros and the third prize 200 euros.
From the 4th to the 10th prize, each winner will receive 100 euros.
Photos of all the works of art will be published on the La-Fontaine.TV website. If he or she so wishes, the artist's name and address will be mentioned next to his or her work.
Conditions of participation: The Kermore 2020 painting and drawing competition is open to everyone from 15 June to 15 December 2020.
Registration and participation is free of charge.
How can I participate in the competition?
A simple e-mail or letter is sufficient. The registration is free of charge!
Enter your name, e-mail address or postal address - that's all!
All those who would like to take part in the competition: Please send us an e-mail!

Each participant can present up to three works. Each participant in the Kermore 2020 competition guarantees the organiser that he/she owns all rights to the work and that he/she is the personal author.
Deadline for entries: 15 December 2020.
Entries submitted after 15 December 2020 will not be considered for the prizes.

Techniques: charcoal, pencil, watercolour, acrylic, oil, engraving, digital production and all illustrations that can be captured in photographic form (works in metal, wood, stone and similar materials). Installations can be presented after consultation with the organiser. Works that do not correspond to the character of the competition may be rejected.

1st prize: 500 euros
2nd price: 300 Euro
3rd price: 200 Euro
4th to 10th prize: 100 Euro.the photos of the presented works will be published on the website - www.La-Fontaine.TV.
On request, the name and address of the artist will be given in addition to the photo of the work.
Notification of the prize: The winners of cash prizes will be notified by telephone or in writing.
With the awarding of the prizes, the drawings/works from 1st to 3rd prize with all rights become the property of the organiser. In return the artist receives one of the cash prizes.
The winners of the 4th to 10th prize and the other participants will get their works back; they only transfer the rights to the photo of the work to the organiser.
Participants will be able to view the results of the competition on the website or on from 15 December.
The artist reserves the right to sell the work and/or to take photographs and reproductions of it himself/herself, to publish or sell it. Works awarded first, second and third prizes are excluded.

Due to problems with Corona - Covid 19 it is best to take photos of the works and send them to me by e-mail.

The artist will then certify in writing on a document issued by the organiser that he/she owns the rights to the work and accepts the conditions of participation.
All works submitted will be published on the La-Fontaine.TV website. If, in addition to the title of the work, the artist wishes it to be described, his or her name, address, e-mail address, etc., to be published on the website www. La-Fontaine.TV, he or she may submit a corresponding text with the work. The design of the website belongs exclusively to the organiser.
The works submitted will be returned to all participants as soon as they have been photographed.
No fees will be charged for participation in the competition, photographing the works and publishing them on the La-Fontaine.TV website.
No entrant may claim any right to the organisation of the competition, to publication or to a prize, but the organiser will make every effort to organise the competition in the appropriate form

Responsible for the Kermore 2020 Competition: Manfred la-Fontaine
Don't let the legal content of the text frighten you, as it is unfortunately necessary. For further information, please send an e-mail to

I wish good luck to all participants
Manfred La-Fontaine