The springs or fountains of Kermore are space-time art plus energy. The stone arch above the spring is a few million years old. It was probably pushed into this position by a glacier during the last ice age. It's kind of fantastic to imagine.
The large stones were probably arranged into basins by human hands in the Stone Age, so they are about 7,000 years old. The small menhir was worked with metal, so about 3 000 years ago or less.
In addition to the very old stone formations, the space-time artwork, there is also the flowing water, i.e. energy. As for the current awareness, well it is currently over 100 000 clicks, 3500 likes on facebook and it has been shared the article about the wells of Kermore 600 times. There are between 50 and 200 visitors per week to the well. Depending on the weather. So, contrary to all negative predictions, a success. The public is interested in the wells of Kermore.